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Pest Control Adelaide


Pest Control in Adelaide

At Global Pest Control we offer a range of pest control solutions for a variety of different pests in Adelaide.

Termite Inspections Adelaide

Termites, also known as white ants, feed on all varieties of cellulose including cardboard, wood, floating timber floors and furniture made up of timber. They are social insects that live in soil and wood and build large nests. It is crucial to ensure your property is controlled and monitored against these aggressive pests, as they can cause major damage. Those who own properties in heavily populated areas are most at risk of termite infestation. At Global Pest Control, we provide both visual and pre-purchase timber pest inspections in accordance with Australian Standards.


Australia is notorious for its spiders and is home to the deadly Red Back Spider and Funnel Web Spider. These poisonous species are extremely dangerous, with their bite being lethal. In addition to these dangerous spiders, is a wide variety of other spiders who can cause negative reactions through their bite. To ensure you and your family are safe from spiders, we provide a range of spider treatments. By investing in spider treatments, you will gain important peace of mind that you and your family are safe from Australia’s infamous creepy crawlies.


Ants can be nuisance pests that not only invade buildings, but can also cause painful reactions to humans. While ants may seem harmless, the venom of Jumper Ants can cause severe allergic reactions, while Bull Ants can give painful stings multiple times. There are even species like Meat Ants and Green Tree Ants that bite. They are unrelenting and following the bite then spray into the wound formic acid. Whether you have an ant problem inside or outside your home, we provide quality ant treatments that will keep your property free of these pesky intruders.


Australia is home to a variety of different cockroaches including the American, German and Oriental cockroach. With cockroaches feeding off a large variety of food and even rotting garbage, they are attracted to homes. Once they enter a home, they have the potential to spread nasty diseases to humans including gastroenteritis and salmonella, as well as allergies. We deliver a range of cockroach treatments and offer a six month warranty for your peace of mind.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are troublesome pests that cause a variety of problems around homes and commercial properties. They spoil food, contaminate areas and spread disease. When food is contaminated with rodents’ urine and feces, humans can contract disease like Leptospirosis. Alarmingly, rats are also known to transmit species of parasitic worms, as well as having fleas that can transmit Murine Typhus. Luckily, there are telltale signs rodents leave around the home to tell they are present. This includes gnaw marks, burrows, damage to food containers, droppings, sounds in the roof or walls and evidence under the fridge or dishwasher. To rid your home of rodents, we tailor make baiting programs to solve the problem.


Portuguese millipedes are drawn to homes as they are attracted by light. Depending on the environment surrounding a home, millipede invasions can vary in intensity. Depending on the situation, hundreds or thousands of millipedes can invade your house. These invasions can occur in as little as a few days. While the millipedes usually die once inside your home and cannot breed, they are unwanted intruders. We deliver comprehensive millipede treatments, which are backed by a six month warranty.


Fleas are mostly invisible pests that can quickly cause irritation. Only 5 per cent of the entire flea population is visible, which are adult fleas. The remaining 3 prior life cycles of fleas are invisible. The first lifecycle of the flea is the egg, which is where the process begins. Fleas lay eggs onto the fur of your pets. However the eggs don’t just stick to the fur, but are scattered into the rest of the environment. Within 1 to 10 days, the eggs hatch into larvae. The larvae burrow deep into carpet fibres and organic debris and feeds on adult flea feces and organic debris. Following 5 to 11 days they then pupate. We provide outstanding flea treatments that are backed with a six month warranty, for your peace of mind.


Silverfish and firebrats are nocturnal insects prone to invading new homes from nearby areas. They can also be transported into houses on wallboard, timber and similar products. During the day they hide, while at night they roam seeking food and water. If their hiding spot is unsettled during the day, they dart to the next segregated place. Silverfish choose hiding places where dry food, clothing, starch and books are available including book-cases, closets and cupboards. Silverfish can exist without nourishment for several months. If you would like to rid your home of these pests, we provide silverfish treatments backed with a six month warranty.

Bed Bugs

While worldwide incidences of bed bugs rapidly declined through the mid 20th century, infestation is now on the rise. Since 1999, infestation of bed bugs has increased by a staggering 5000% in Australia alone. Bed bugs inject saliva into victims during feeding, causing skin reactions. The arms and shoulders are the most commonly affected areas. Those who suffer from bed bugs often experience loss of sleep and discomfort, as well as allergic reactions including large wheals, itching and inflammation. Those with severe allergies to bed bugs experience anaphylaxis and bullous eruptions.  Enjoy your sleep and protect yourself from these critters by investing in one of our bed bug treatments. All our bed bug treatments are backed by a six month warranty to ensure peace of mind.

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