Termite Treatment Adelaide

Termite Treatment Adelaide

 Termite Treatment Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

The masters in termite inspections and control in Adelaide.

No property is exempt from the risk of termites, which is why it is essential for all owners to undertake annual termite inspections and control in Adelaide. Termites are extremely destructive pests that can potentially destroy properties. They are renowned as silent and unrelenting pests that cause more damage to Australian homes every year than storms, flood and fires together.

Our pest control specialists carry out thorough termite inspections to ensure your property is not at risk. During our thorough inspection, we search for termite activity including wood decay, ventilation and/or moisture issues. Following our termite inspection, we draft reports that outline your property’s risk of termite infestation.

The report includes previous treatment history, the level of environmental termite pressure, and potential future termite infestation and/or entry. Our reports are comprehensive, detailed and provide termite management recommendations.

Termite Control in Adelaide & Hills

Termite-Control Adelaide and Adelaide Hills
If your property is under attack by termites, you need to take action fast. Our professional pest control technicians strive to defend your home against termites. In no time at all, we will eliminate these destructive intruders, and restore peace to your home. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is termite free and is no longer at risk.

We offer a reliable termite control process that removes that threat of termites by eliminating the termite colony. The termite control process starts by our technicians identifying the species of termites within your Adelaide property. Once we know what type of termites we are dealing with, we create a termite feeding point. We then dust, foam or bait the termites, and then monitor the progress. Depending on the results and/or baiting program, re-baiting may be necessary. The termite colony control process takes two weeks to a few months, which is dependent on the time of the year and the termite species that is being dealt with.

Termite Treatment in Adelaide & Hills

Termite-Treatement Adelaide and Adelaide Hills

Our termite treatment process in Adelaide

We offer two different complete termite treatment solutions, for established homes and buildings in Adelaide.

Chemical treated zone

We place a chemical barrier of insecticide in the soil around the foundations of your property. This creates a complete treated zone and eliminates termites at their point of entry. Subterranean termites are known to live in the soil and tunnel across it from their nests. They make the leap out of soil when they are near a food source and create a shelter tube across vertical surfaces like foundation walls and piers. From here, they gain access to wooden components of buildings. By stopping them at the foundations, it will eradicate the problem of termites.

Baiting and monitoring system

We first establish whether there is termite activity by carrying out a comprehensive inspection. We then locate any entry point and search for the nest. Once located, we install monitoring stations around the building’s perimeter. Above ground stations are also installed to bait any active termites. This process achieves colony elimination and the stations are monitored at regular intervals for any future termite activity.

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